’s Daily Fix- 1/10/19


Breakdown (55 Minutes)

The Arizona Cardinals introduced Kliff Kingsbury today- Ralph Amsden talks about the controversy surrounding the hire, the sad state of the franchise that let to Steve Keim’s high-risk, high-reward hire, and whether or not it’s so crazy that it just might work. He also reads listener responses to the question of which trait they value most in looking for a head coach (12:00).

Today’s Hot List includes

-Stephen A Smith’s Twitter war with the Arizona Cardinals Twitter (20:45)

-Deandre Ayton gets outshined by Luka Doncic (26:25)

– 11 African-American athletes sue Maricopa County Community College District (29:30)

– Remy Martin, bench spark (33:47)

To close out the show, Ralph Amsden interviews KATO-AM’s Lee Patterson, Arizona’s most plugged in JuCo sports personality, about JuCo football’s demise in Arizona, and whther the plan to bring it back from the dead will work (35:45).

Listen to the show on PodBean

screen shot 2019-01-10 at 12.44.04 am
via Arizona Cardinals Twitter


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