’s Daily Fix- 1/24/19

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Breakdown (50 Minutes)

Ralph Amsden talks about the Phoenix City Council meeting that saw a man convicted of attempted murder speak out against a tax to help remodel Talking Stick Arena in partnership with the Phoenix Suns, a tax that ended up passing by a vote of 6-2.

The Hot List (15:20)

Is Memphis Grizzlies PG Mike Conley a good fit for the Phoenix Suns?

James Harden tied the record for most points scored by a visiting player at Madison Square Garden (24:13)

Could the Arizona Diamondbacks experience with Zack Grienke help them develop another once-promising pitcher who has dealt with anxiety issues? (27:00)

NFL Free Agency is around the corner- could Brett Hundley or Davis Webb be good backup options for Josh Rosen? (30:50)

Five Good Minutes (37:10)

AZCentral photojournalist Michael Chow tweeted a photo (along with dismissive comments) of high school basketball players kneeling in prayer during the national anthem. Ralph Amsden explains why this was an awful decision.

Tweet of the Day (46:20)

An homage to an all-time great pitcher is quote-tweeted to highlight his biggest failure- one that Arizona sports fans will never forget.

screen shot 2019-01-24 at 11.46.40 am

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