The VarsityAZ Podcast (Ep. 1)

Welcome to the first episode of The VarsityAZ Podcast, a new show from covering high school sports in the state of Arizona, featuring news, interviews, debates, recruiting updates and more!

You can listen to the episode by clicking play below, or by dowloading the show directly from Podbean.

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Episode 1 Breakdown (57 Minutes)


The Throwdown, featuring Chilly (12:45)

Topics include the open division playoffs, kneeling during the anthem in high school sports, and why don’t forfeits count as losses?

RecruitingAZ, featuring Cody Cameron and Alec Simpson (37:15)

An evaluation and interview of 2020 Notre Dame Prep LB Brock Locnikar

Fast Fact with GridironArizona (54:15)

Brock Locnikar (90) via Ralph Amsden

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