The Devil Train Podcast (Episode 1): The Story of Robbie Robinson

Screen Shot 2019-07-30 at 11.02.45 AM
Former 4-Star Arizona State DB Robbie Robinson is picking up the pieces and carrying a positive outlook after being jailed over terrorism charges for tweets he sent in February 2018 regarding his mental health state while a student at ASU in 2017.

Four-star cornerback Robbie Robinson committed to Arizona State in the summer of 2015 despite living on the other side of the country. By the time he arrived on campus, the coaches who recruited him were gone, and the life he envisioned for himself on and on the football field began to feel out of reach. Robinson left the team in 2017, and began a journey into a depression that nearly led to his suicide. In the months after, he says he experienced an “awakening” that led to a desire to use his near-suicide attempt as part of his story of flourishing moving forward. Instead, he referenced the event in the midst of a series of tweets that led to his arrest, and Robinson facing a terrorism charge with a mandatory minimum of 10 years in prison. The following podcast includes context of Robinson’s journey, as well as interviews from the days before his arrest, as well as in the months after his release, as he serves out the probationary period for his felony conviction on a lesser charge.

The inagural episode of The Devil Train Podcast is the controversial and compelling story of Robbie Robinson.

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