The Devil Train Podcast (Ep. 3) Jayden Daniels named starter, Interviews with Paul Lucas and Corey Stephens

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Breakdown (48 Minutes):


Ralph Amsden addresses Arizona State naming Jayden Daniels the starting QB, the addition of former 5-star USC recruit Jack Jones, and the departures of Terin Adams and John Humphrey (1:31-15:09).


  • Ralph chats with former Devil’s Junkie Podcast co-host, Chilly, about how the team is looking at a recent faill practice (15:10-28:21).
  • Ralph talks with senior RB Paul Lucas about his journey from Mountain Pointe to Oregon State to ASU, and what he hopes to prove this year. The interview is crashed by a bit of an Arizona high school football reunion, with Chase Lucas and Tyler Johnson weighing in on whether Lucas’ 2013 Mountain Pointe squad was the best local prep team of all time (28:40-39:16).
  • Ralph catches up with ASU DL Corey Stephens at Camp Tontozona (40:58-44:41).

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