Ralph Amsden’s ArizonaSportsCast: Kobe Bryant’s legacy, ASU vs Arizona recap

Kobe Bryant vs Amare

The all-new ArizonaSportsCast is here! Host Ralph Amsden welcomes Greg Esposito of the Suns Solar Panel Podcast to talk about Kobe Bryant’s legacy through the lens of an Arizona Sports fan, and Chilly of ArizonaVarsity.com adds his thoughts on Kobe Bryant’s passing while also weighing in on Arizona State’s 66-65 win over rival Arizona.

Breakdown (70 minutes)

(Opening) Ralph Amsden’s reflections on Kobe Bryant

(24:00) Greg Esposito joins the show to add his take on Kobe Bryant’s passing and whether he sees Bryant’s influence on Devin Booker’s game.

(45:00) Ralph Amsden breaks down Arizona State’s second half comeback against Arizona on 1/25

(54:30) Chilly jumps on the podcast to talk about Kobe Bryant, and who he thinks deserves blame for University of Arizona’s struggles.

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